Jewelry Care

A lot of my pieces are made of different types of metal, you can find which metal your piece is made of in the description of the item.

In order to keep your jewelry looking fresh for longer, it is important to keep the pieces out of water. 
I suggest you do not shower, workout or swim, with any of the pieces as it will cause them to tarnish over time.

I coat the pieces myself with a clear jewelry coating called ProtectaClear in order to keep the metal looking clean for as long as possible, however, the coating will eventually wear away if exposed to water. 

Pieces made from brass will tarnish if exposed to water.

I also carry pieces made from stainless steel which will not tarnish or oxidize, however, if they are gold plated the gold plating will eventually fade away over time.

Brass pieces can be very easily cleaned with many at home remedies! I have found that vinegar and lemon juice work very well!

I am more than happy to replace any pieces that tarnish or break and I can be reached through email at ♡